The Atelier 801 Wiki is a wiki dedicated to Atelier 801 as an entity. It is the site for any article on aspects of Atelier 801 not covered by the Transformice, Fortoresse, Bouboum, Nekodancer, Dead Maze, Run for Cheese, or Module 801 wikis (or any other Atelier-based wikis). Examples of content include information on old Atelier 801 games, the company or even future games. Anyone can edit content on the wiki, so get started!


This wiki was started as a place to place data about admins and Atelier 801 as a company that was originally stored on the Transformice wiki, as when this wiki was created they had fairly recently release a handful of new games, and rather than duplicate data between them (with it being out-of-date across multiple wikis), or redirecting them all to the Transformice wiki (which seemed bad form), a centralized Atelier 801 wiki was a solution to not only post information about the company, but also various content that remained constant across games, so that small games could just point to it, and larger games could link to it so as to discuss the content in a more broad way.


25?format=.png Fewfre talk contribs
25?format=.png Luke the Mac Lover talk contribs

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