Most Atelier 801 multi-player games have in-game currencies, which allow you to unlock features or buy in-game items to decorate your character. The notable exceptions are Extinction and Module 801 games.

Game CurrenciesEdit

Each game has different currencies, and which to some extent they may serve very similar functions, how they are obtained and what each game offers for purchase differ. Some games may also offer event currencies, but these are not listed here.

Click the currency image to see it in high def.

Game Currencies
Image Name
Transformice Currency-cheese Cheese
Bouboum Currency-hazelnut Hazelnuts
Fortoresse Currency-potato Potatoes
Nekodancer Currency-sushi Sushi
Dead Maze Currency-reputation Reputation
Currency-survivor mark Survivor mark



Fraise are a form of micro-currency that can only be obtained by purchasing them with real world cash. While Fraise don't effects stats and not everything in a game is purchasable with Fraise, it offers an alternative way to obtain some items versus using normal game currencies (except for a few situations where items may be Fraise only purchases).

Games that support Fraises are Transformice and Dead Maze, fraises are universal across the Atelier 801 network, so Fraise bought in Transformice or Dead Maze would be usable on other games as well.[1] Fraise can also be used to change your nickname.