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A list of all changes of version 1.16.1 and before can be found at: Just the dates and any non-listed changes appear here.

Version Date Additional Changes
V1.25b 12 December 2016 Official Post
V1.25 10 August 2016 Official Post
V1.24 31 May 2016 Official Post
V1.23 22 March 2016 Official Post
V? 17 February 2016 Thread
V1.22 8 February 2016 Official Post
V1.21 11 January 2016 Official Post
V1.20 17 November 2015 Official Post (First post by Stardev7!)
V1.19 15 October 2015 Official Post
V1.18.08 28 September 2015 Official Post
V1.18.07 24 Sepetember 2015 Official Post
V1.18.05 21 September 2015 Official Post
V1.18 9 September 2015 Official Post
V1.17 11 Aug 2015 Official Post
V1.16.01 Changelog
V1.16 Changelog
V1.15 19 June 2015 Official Post
V1.14 Changelog
V1.13 ~5 May 2015 Changelog
V1.12 ~5 May 2015 Changelog
V1.11 Changelog
V1.10.05 Changelog
V1.10.02 Changelog
V1.10.01 Changelog
V1.10 24 March 2015 Official Post
V1.09.08 Changelog
V1.09.07 Changelog
V1.09.06 Changelog
V1.09.05 Changelog
V1.09.04 Changelog
V1.09.03 Changelog
V1.09.02 Changelog
V1.09.01 Changelog
V1.09 Changelog
V1.08.04 Changelog
V1.08.03 Changelog
V1.08.02 Changelog
V1.08.01 Changelog
V1.08.00 22 January 2015 Official Post
V1.07.03 Changelog
V1.07.02 Changelog
V1.07 Changelog
V1.06 Changelog
V1.05.01 Changelog
V1.05 Changelog
V1.04.02 Changelog
V1.04.01 Changelog
V1.04.00 1 October 2014 Official Post
V1.03.01 Changelog
V1.03 Changelog
V1.02.02 Changelog
V1.02.01 Changelog
V1.02.00 7 August 2014 Official Post
V1.01.34 5 December 2013 Official Post
V1.01.30 18 November 2013 Official Post
V1.01.27 7 October 2013 Official Post
V1.01 Changelog
V1.00.07 Changelog
BefV1.0.7 19 June 2012 Thread
V1.00.06 Changelog
V1.00.05 Changelog
V1.00.04 Changelog
V1.00.03 Changelog
V1.00.02 Changelog
V1.00.01 Changelog
V1 9 June 2012 Thread

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