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If you need to contact a staff member, please read this forum post.

Staff of Atelier 801 refers to two major roles: Admins and volunteer staff. While Admins are in charge of all communities (except for community managers which are in charge of their respective communities), most other staff positions stay within their own communities. All staff positions require an age of 18+ as well as the ability to converse in English as well as being fluent in the language of their community (although unofficial groups not maintained by Atelier 801 do not necessarily have these restrictions).

An official list of current staff can be found at If you need to contact EN moderators / sentinels, see this forum post.


Admins are employees of Atelier 801 and get paid for their time. Each have different roles in the company, and work together to make the best products they can. Most (though not all) admins work in the same office in France. Admins have all powers other staff positions have and more.


Moderators have in-game powers that allow them to keep the community well-behaved and civil, as well as enforcing the rules of the game. Moderators do not have any power on the forums, unless also a Sentinel. They do however have power over the Café. They also help players when needed.


Sentinels have forum powers that allow them to keep the community well-behaved and civil, as well as enforcing forum rules. Sentinels do not have in-game powers unless also a Moderator. To contact one, you can send them a private message on the forums, or report a post on a thread.

Map CrewEdit

Map Crew is in charge of what community-made maps appear in game, what maps appear for certain events, and much more. This staff position currently only effects Transformice.


FunCorp members have some powers to change the mechanics of a room to make it more fun. While most FunCorp members are also members of other staff types, it is not a requirement. Instead, you must be asked to join FunCorp, after you are deemed trustworthy. This staff position currently only effects Transformice.

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