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Tribes transfer between Atelier 801 games, such as Transformice. You can find different tribes through the Tribes section on the official forums. Tribes cost in-game currency to create (not fraise though). It may be better not to create a tribe in Transformice but instead a different game that supports the community platform, as the cost is always 500, but in most other games currency is more readily available.

Since tribes are the same for an account on any Atelier 801 game, there are 2 main types of tribes; those that were originally created for Transformice, but has members that play other Atelier 801 games, or tribes that were created with the intent of being a a non-Transformice focused tribe, even if members play other Atelier 801 games as well. While neither is inherently better than the other, many of the more well known tribes in the non-Transformice games are the later, those which focus primarily on that game itself.

Tribe HouseEdit

This section is a stub. Please help expand it. All games allow mice to go to their tribehouse, which is only accessible to other members of their tribe. Currently only Transformice allows tribehouses to be set and customized however; in all other games, maps will play as they would in normal rooms.


  • Some don't play non-Transformice games with their main account and instead play with an alternate account, allowing them to be in two separate tribes.